Bankins Communications & Consulting, LLC - Speech Therapy* Corporate Speech Training *Oral Image Consulting
Welcome to Bankins Communications & Consulting, LLC!
BCC, LLC is a private practice dedicated to the well being of our clients. Our overall goal is not only to treat the potential challenge of the individual, but also to provide all available resources to the client and their families.
We offer services in three major areas: Speech and Language Therapy, Corporate Speech Training and Oral Image Consulting. Please view our website to explore the various services we can provide to enhance your overall communication needs.
BCC, LLC strives to provide innovative and current practices to those seeking services for speech and language disorders or to enhance their communication skills through informative inservices, workshops and/or presentations, as well as private consultations
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BCC, LCC has relocated to Williamson County in Franklin, TN!!!
Telepractice Services Are Available
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